Would you like to buy a Brand NEW Home? Tired of other people’s paint colors, cabinet choices and  flooring? Want to walk in to a perfectly clean and brand new home just waiting for you to add your style and statement? 


What can be more exciting than buying a new home?

Should you buy a NEW home? Is NEW Construction the way you should go when considering your next home purchase?

There are some compelling reasons to consider buying a brand new home. Let’s talk about them.

I have buyers that just recoil at the idea of living in someone else’s “well’-lived in” home. They want fresh, clean, new……no pet smells, no food smells, freshly painted walls, brand new cabinets..you know what I mean, right?

Home builders are offering closing costs, upgrades, rate buy-downs……even paying off CDD’s in some neighborhoods. How can you resist?


CLICK HERE for more information regarding New vs. Used. Read on and we will discuss the details that will matter in your decision making….

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Judy A Hamilton, INI Realty Investments, Inc

Judy A Hamilton, INI Realty Investments, Inc


“Having worked for the same Real Estate Investment group for the past 18 years, when it’s time to buy or sell property I need to rely on someone that has the experience and professionalism to represent my best interest and understands the complex challenges that can sometimes accompany both buyers and sellers. For all my residential real  estate in the greater Jacksonville market, I rely on Judy Hamilton to assist me. She has the experience and knowledge to get the job done, always willing to go the extra mile with a positive ‘can do’ approach. I’m never left guessing at ‘what’s next’, I’ve always got Judy by my side to assist me” Steve H.- Executive Vice President, Real Estate Investment Trust.  

You have so many choices. Jacksonville’s new construction communities are on fire right now.

Whether it is brick, concrete block, stucco, stone, cementious siding, or vinyl siding, the opportunities are plentiful and the pricing has never been better.

New home communities on the Northside, Southside, Westside, Beaches or Orange Park will allow you to be the homeowner you have always wanted to be!

There are some important questions to ask yourself as you begin this venture. Doing this homework prior to signing on the dotted line can make the difference between you finding the home and community you LOVE, or having buyer’s remorse and being ready to try again in 2-3 years.


Let’s get started…. So who are you?

Do you love the woods and  acreage? There’s an app, I mean home builder  for  that. Do you love the craftsman style  architecture,  or the  Florida stucco, or the 3  story condo?  Jacksonville’s  got ‘em!     How about  a CDD community, HOA community, (what does  that even mean?), or a rural area  with few restrictions?READ MORE.


Which home builder is the right one for you? CHECK OUT THIS INFORMATION

Buying a New Home on a Golf CourseIs this your first time buying a home? You might have questions about home buyer loans, homebuyer assistance, or down payment assistance. You probably would love to locate a program that would require as little as possible out of your pocket. Or enable you to use the cash you do have to buy down the rate – the best of both worlds! 

Could your new home loan possibly be no-down payment loan? What about interest rates? What happens to the size of the home you can afford  if your interest rate goes up .5 of a point? Will you be buying 1500 square feet instead of that lovely 4 bedroom 2050 square foot plan?

Keep in mind that you qualify for a payment, so even if you would be willing to stick your neck out for that larger home, the mortgage lender is no longer allowing it – you must be able to afford the payment.

And then there is that moment when you are actually negotiating with the home builder.

Don’t do that alone – I can help.

Call me (904) 838-0554     Judy Hamilton, INI Realty Investments, Inc.or email at JudySellsJax@gmail.com


For more information about how many elements go into the “deal” with the home builder? CLICK HERE   


Stay tuned for why I believe you had better move NOW, if you want the best home, for the best price because “times are achanging”.   Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae could be at risk and if they leave the market,  consumers could be required to pay a 20% down payment.  I would hazard a guess that many potential homebuyers will remain renters for years if that 20% down becomes a requirement.  

This site will entertain those questions. We will look at what a new home will offer its owners and provide answers to many of your questions. We have only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to questions. More questions are :

  • What type of  homebuilder do I want?
  • Production or custom?
  • Which new home community should I choose (These top 2 questions are closely linked)?
  • What about features? Tile, two or three car garage? Two or three baths? Fireplaces, cherry cabinetry…the list is endless.
  • Do I need a Realtor when I purchase a home from a home builder? Click here for the answer to that important question.
  • How do I negotiate price with a new home builder?
  • What exactly does  new construction  offer that a “used” home doesn’t?
  • Is a condo right for me?

Stay tuned folks, we are embarking on quite an adventure. If you are considering purchasing a home and are curious about new construction, you will soon be informed and armed with the right information from New Homes Jacksonville!

Should you buy New Construction or a resale?

Buying New Construction when purchasing your home  offers you many, many benefits over buying a resale (or previously owned home).

Thinking of buying a new home? Check out this video: The Danielle at Payasada

Many consumers, particularly new homebuyers, are love the idea of owning a home where no-one has spilled unsightly things on the carpet, or used the kitchen sink or shower, or painted the dining room a nauseous color that has to be remedied. The idea that the oven has NEVER had something unsavory baking in it, or the dishwasher is being used for the first time, is an attractive choice for many Jacksonville homebuyers.

The warranties offered by  homebuilders for new homes are appealing and provide peace of mind for the worried buyer believing that once they are in their home, all hell could break lose; leaks, outages, appliance breakdowns, window malfunctions, and on and on the list could go. Most New Construction is offered with a one year warranty on everything (unless the flood was caused by you leaving the sink on), a two year warranty on all systems behind the walls (plumbing, electrical, a/c) and a ten year structural. The new HVAC code requirements insures that you are not buying an old 10 seer air conditioning unit, and often come with a new Puron system, as Freon will no longer be available (just how will you charge your old Freon system?)

Being able to choose your cabinet and floor color, living in an open  floor plan that truly is suited for socializing and enjoying friends and family, and possibly having the home builder pay all closing costs, thus saving you about 3% on your purchase, are all pluses in home buying , and can make your experience enjoyable and stress-free.Buying a New Home in Jacksonville, FL

If you don’t have 6 months to wait for your home to be completed, there are excellent home builders with “Inventory “homes on their hands, and those homes will also be brand new with all the warranties. You may not be able to choose colors, but rest assured that the home builder has chosen lovely neutral colors, perfect for any decorating, so that you can picture all your “things” fitting comfortably in the home. And, since the home builder is paying “carrying costs” once a home has been finished, you can, with the help of a savvy Realtor, get the house for a great price (I didn’t say a “steal”), and should feel you have made a good deal once you have closed.

Entertaining and Decorating in Your New Home











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